A Trip To Capetown, South Africa

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After spending the last four days of 2012 in Capetown, South Africa is my new very favorite place in the world.  The scenery, the people, the animals, I loved all of it.  I arrived in Capetown and hit the ground running.  First stop was the waterfront followed by Table Mountain.  The group I was with wanted to repel down the side and then parasail the rest but with 50 MPH winds, we were lucky just to get to the top of the mountain.  It was shut down shortly after.
The waterfront at night.  Sorry it’s blurry. 
I can’t find a non-blurry one!

     We spent a good portion of our time on the waterfront.  The resturants around the pier were really good and the shopping and social atmosphere was super fun.  At night the view was electric. 


     Table Mountain is truely stunning.  The tram up was cool, it twists so you get a full view and it only takes a few minutes so no time to get sick.  Once at the top there are a couple dozen trails to take, a cafe, gift shop and views for days.  We really wanted to repel down the mountain but the wind was crazy. 

 They have a little rodent animal that lives on the mountain.  I looked everywhere for one and the minute I left to go to the bathroom one popped out and I missed him.  But I did get to see a ton of beautiful flowers and views!

The view from Table MT.


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