A Trip to Burke Williams Spa in San Jose

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Burke Williams Spa:

Last week my BFF from childhood and I just needed a girls’ night.  We have been friends since I was 4!  So we have a lot of memories to laugh about.  Spa days are our fave but not easy with our working mom schedules.  I was surprised to hear that the Burke Williams Spa in San Jose is open until 8!  We made an appointment for a spa chill session followed by dinner.

They have ALL the water rituals.  Sauna, steam, whirlpool, quiet rooms, cold mist room, and water pressure showers!  I wanted to get a body scrub but they were booked up on every day I had opened so my friend and I decided to just go up and spa.  It is European style (clothing optional) so pictures and phones were not allowed.  We checked in and grabbed our locker before changing and going on a tour.

It was a bit crowded with at least 20 other people in there at the same time!  But, the facilities are a good size so it wasn’t uncomfortable.  We started with the sauna and then moved to the showers, whirlpool, cold mist and finished with steam.  The facilities were nice and had all the amenities you need for a good spa day.  Snacks, cold towels, aromatherapy towels, cozy robes, and spa water.  It was a great way to catch up with each other.

My favorite was the whirlpool and the steam room.  The whirlpool wasn’t super strong making it easy to actually relax and sit in it for a bit.  The steam room was amazing!  We both have a hard time if there is too much steam.  The ThermaSol steam room at Burke Williams Spa San Jose was just the right amount of steam and the eucalyptus makes it perfect!  We were able to stay in for a full 10 minutes.  Normally I last like 3 minutes in the steam.  The room was large so I didn’t get a claustrophobic feeling at all.  I want one at home now!  We both LOVED how glowing our skin looked after the steam.  It really helps to detox the pores and hydration.

We finished with a good book and magazines in the quiet room.  Perfect for a quick girls’ night out.  We could have done another round of the rituals but were both starving and decided to go eat.  I went back a few weeks later to do it all again and did 3 rounds.  My skin always looks best after good steam!

Burke WIlliams Spa featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide steam room shower

Overall, I think the Burke Williams Spa was a great last-minute way to relax.  It was great that we could just go and use water treatments.  Sometimes I just want to steam and soak!  I will return for sure.  Burke Williams has locations all over the country and many of them have the ThermaSol Steam rooms and showers.

What is your favorite spa treatment?

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