A Trip To … AquaTerra the Spa at The Surf & Sand Resort

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A Trip To … AquaTerra the Spa at The Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach

After a long drive and a long day in classes I checked-in to the AquaTerra Spa.  It was close to closing time so I couldn’t explore all of their services. After a quick browse of their menu and a little conversation with the front desk staff on availability, I settled on the Sugar & Spice treatment.  70min/$175.  A sugar body scrub, with a full body massage and wrap, followed by a warm gingerbread latte. YUM!


I checked in a few minutes early to get settled in and check the place out.  Greeted by  friendly front desk staff, the atmosphere was super cute in a beach cottage, shabby chic kind of feel.


Relaxation Lounge Lantern


I was shown through a little courtyard (complete with fountain) and into another building, where I was given a quick tour of the relaxation lounge and locker rooms. I loved the little extra touches everywhere, in the locker was a recipe for a non-dairy spice cake that the treatment was inspired by and a recipe for the actual cinnamon vanilla sugar scrub I would be receiving!  I quickly changed and headed out to the relaxation lounge.  A cozy corner with a fireplace, couches and a patio off to the side.  It was super warm and perfect with the storm that was getting ready outside.  I loved the big lantern and tall windows that surrounded the corner.  Ambiance was perfect for such a compact space.
  After a short wait, my therapist came out to meet me.  He introduced himself and took me upstairs to my first treatment room.  I was super excited to see a Vichy shower!  We went through the usual get to know yous, then he stepped out so I could get undressed.
Vischey Room After the treatment.
The Vichy After.

The bed was a little uncomfortable and the towels were super small… but this was SoCal where everyone is a size 0.  After a short time my therapist arrived to begin the treatment.  I was pleased to learn they make their own body treatments.  For January it was a sugar scrub that smelled like pancakes.  (Feb. is chocolate!) The scrub was made from raw sugar so it gave a nice abrasive feeling, and my therapist wasn’t shy with the pressure, a very nice touch.  He began on my back and worked down each leg and foot before the flip, a tricky maneuver with those tiny towels.  After the flip he continued the scrub on the front of my legs and a long time on my feet… super ticklish and I really had to concintrate not to jerk my foot away.  When the scrub was complete we started with the magical shower.  A dry towel was draped around my face–barber style and then 7 warm, perfect shower heads rinsed the sugar away.  I liked that the therapist did a little massage as he rinsed off the scrub.  It was truly divine, from the scent to the room temp to the water temp… a perfect way to relax.  When every granule of sugar was gone sadly the shower disappeared, I was given a few dry towels and left alone to get up and dry off.  Then off to my next treatment.

Massage Room
Massage Room

After re-robing I was lead to a cozy massage room, in golds and browns with just the right amount of space & decor.  I loved that the heater was turned up super high, even the bed was heated. A big plus after the shower.  KrisJon explained the wrap and again asked the usual massage related questions and then stepped out so I could get situated.  He returned after a short time and began the treatment (face down.)  Pressure was perfect and the honey sugar butter smelled AMAZING, like vanilla and warm butter.  Again he concentrated on my back (per my request) and my feet.  When the full body massage was complete and I was on my back, I was wrapped in a thermal blanket to “bake.”  A perfect peppermint scalp massage helped turn me in to mush. Around 15 minutes later I was unwrapped and sadly the treatment ended.  I really could have stayed cocooned in there for another hour.  KrisJon met me in the hall with water and guided me back down the hall–making careful steps that I didn’t slip on the stairs, back to the relax room.

I stayed for a few minutes in front of the fire then head to the locker room to soak in the outdoor garden and jacuzzi. Then hopped in the shower and steam room before heading out to see the end (and devastating OT ) of the Niner game.

Why it was Haute…I loved the AquaTerra Spa and can’t wait to go back to try out other services.
The therapist was amazing and the faculties while small were very well done and super clean.  Everyone was friendly.  Homemade body products and treatments lend a unique and fresh take on a familiar spa service.

Not so Haute… I would have liked a sauna, the sugar butter while smelled great lingered and made me crave pancakes for like 3 days!  Plus they forgot to give me my latte =(.

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  1. April 16, 2012 / 6:15 pm

    I’ve tried the AquaTerra Spa, too. I loved their services. I look forward to the next time I can go there again.

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