A Simple Combo Skincare Routine From Follain

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Combination skin is all breakouts one day and dry patches the next! It is the one skin type that really keeps you in your doubts. Creating a combo skincare routine is all about balance. Balancing oil and hydration for a clear and stunning complexion. Sharing a simple 8-piece combo skincare routine from Follain clean beauty below.

The Osea Ocean Cleanser is great for deep cleaning the skin without drying it out.

The Dual Detox Mask helps give an extra deep clean to the skin again without drying it out. I like to use just in the Tzone and then spot treat or full face but remove it in the sensitive cheek area after just a few minutes leaving it on the rest of the face for a full 10 minutes.

The Follain Toning mist is great for Tzone and spot treating as well.

Eye Cream goes next and this firm + brighten one is great for fine lines and wrinkles.

Moisture completes the evening routine and nothing feels better before bed like a cool jade roller to help with puffiness. I like this moisturizer for combo skins due to the light texture and fast-absorbing formula. Bachuil and peptides help with fine lines, and wrinkles plus boost the glowy appearance of skin.