A Roundup of ShopSmall Gift Ideas For The Holidays

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ShopSmall Gift Ideas, a shopping guide featured by top CA lifestyle blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Shop Small is one of my favorite events.

A local business always puts up signs that say $50/3. It means to try and spend $50 at 3 local businesses to help keep your community local. Shop small gift ideas are a big deal this year.  Lately, I’ve noticed on our street most of the buildings are owned by people from other countries, and the businesses are owned by Bay Area people. That makes me sad. Monterey used to be super local-minded. As we move farther from that I see our children really suffer.

There is less support for local sports and activities. These out-of-towners don’t care about the community. They don’t host local events or give back to the local elderly, animals, or homeless charities in town. So my challenge to YOU is to shop small today and all holiday season long. While Target and Amazon are fun and convenient they don’t do much for your kid’s school or Main Street.

Shop some of my favorite shop small gift ideas and businesses, including my own brick & mortar store below.


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