A Review of GlowOasis New Probiotic Skincare

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K Beauty is always on the cutting edge of ingredients and glowing skin. The newest on my vanity is GlowOasis skincare. Their PR reached out for me to try a few products from their new probiotic based line and to join them for a cocktail making class on Zoom. It was a blast and the products really impressed me.

GlowOasis Skincare

I tried the Makeupmelt, GlowShots and MilkDew. All three make great products for reactive, sensitive or dry skin. The probiotics are gentle enough that reactive skins will benefit. The MilkDew is especially great for sensitve or reactive skins.

GlowOasis Skincare by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of GlowOasis skincare probiotic products.

The MilkDew contains cica an antibacterial & inflammatory ingredient that heals & hydrates skin. Pair that back with apricot seed oil and probiotics from napa cabbage (grown on Korea’s highest mountain) for a super hydrating and calming lotion. This was my favorite product from the trio.

Makeupmelt is a gentle cleansing balm, infused with moringa seed oil to protect, clean and soothe the skin. I like the texture and scent of this plus it took ALL my makeup off with ease.

Glowshots is a beautiful hydrating serum. Prickly pear extract is rich in multivitamins & minerals to help refine, brighten, and hydrate. Paired with the probiotic and several other ingredients this serum really packs a plump glow. I am allergic to soy, one of the ingredients in this, and Milkdew, so I don’t use them on the same day. Even by themselves, the products deliver a rich glow.

Overall, I think GlowOasis is a great new line at a price point we can all afford. If you can only get one item… I say get the Milkdew. I was so impressed with the results of the Milkdew and how soothing it felt.

Have you tried GlowOasis skincare before? Let me know in a comment below!