A Peel Finale!

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So my peel journey is coming to an end.  Overall I loved the experience and the outcome.  While it wasn’t exactly comfortable the results were so worth it.  My skin is smother, clearer an much more radiant.  I can’t wait to try again in a few months!

Day 3 The redness has gone away… no peel yet.  I’m really
uncomfortable.  My skin is tight and itchy.

Later Day 3… so it started to peel!

Day 4…. The peel has really started now!
Still not comfortable and the urge to scrub
the skin off is really hard.  Not too much
longer now.

Day 5… I officially look like a snake but the
 new skin looks amazing.

Day 6… not much peeling left.  It mainly is left
around the hairline.

Day 7… back to normal and my skin has never looked better!


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