A Mess Free Toddler Art Project

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Mess Free Toddler Art by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a toddler age girl doing a mess free art project.

With the quarantine going into week 3 here in California I am looking for mess free toddler art and other ways to entertain my toddler! This is a take on an art project we learned from My Museum Monterey. It is super easy and super quick to clean up but keeps your little one busy!

Mess Free Toddler Art

What you need:

  • Self Stick Foam
  • colored film cut into shapes
  • tissue paper in various shades cut into shapes
  • poms
  • feathers
  • foam shapes– I get these large sheets and cut into shapes
  • ANYTHING colorful and fuzzy buttons or sequins or bows also work

To Do:

Place a few of each item in a tray. Not too much so your toddler doesn’t get overwhelmed and just make a mess! Peel back backing off foam. Place on the floor or table with the tray. Allow your toddler to stick items to the foam! It is really that easy. No glue or tape needed. At the museum, they popped the finished product into a bucket of glitter so there were no sticky spots left. It is an option but not necessary.

I hope this helps break your day up a bit. We popped a few of these kits in the HBG shop! 5 art projects to keep your toddler entertained. I’ll share a project each day this week.

What are your favorite mess free toddler art ideas? Let me know in a comment below!