A Fun Toddler Outing In Monterey California

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We love THE FARM in Salinas for a fun toddler outing during the summer and early fall.  Every Saturday, they have a different event.  From flower picking, hayrides, berry picking, pumpkin patch, and even puppet shows.  While right now the schedule is ever-changing to adjust to world events, the best way to keep up with them is with social.  I follow The Farm on Instagram so that I know what pies they have and what activities are coming that weekend.

If you are worried about COVID just know they had great policies in place.  The field wasn’t crowded and there was plenty of room to just do your own thing.  Most people just naturally kept a distance.  You can’t tell from my pictures but there were about a dozen people in the field with us and NONE were close by.  The only place that was kinda crowded was the farmstand/store.  I recommend just waiting outside until it clears out.

It was $15 to pick all the flowers you could fit into a bucket.  The Farm provides the buckets and snippers to cut the flowers.  Overall, it was a great day of fun.  We were there for about an hour but you could easily stay longer and remain entertained.  I can’t wait for pumpkin season!