Feet Skin Care: A Cozy Fall Ritual for Your Feet

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Fall Feet Skin Care Products featured by top US beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide.

I know I talk about facials A LOT!! So I thought I would do something a little different and give you guys a Fall skin care routine to try for your FEET!  Farmhouse Fresh is one of my favorite brands these last few years since I met them at an Esthetician conference.  Every one of their products smells amazing and yet still deliver strong results.  The texture is warm and cozy; these products really give me all the feels and are perfect for your feet skin care.

Fall Feet Skin Care Products featured by top US beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide.

Three products are all you need to give yourself a warm and cozy foot treatment that will leave your skin super soft and hydrated.  I add this cozy foot ritual every year to our spa menu and it is a huge seller.

Feet Skin Care Treatment for Fall:

Start by dry brushing the skin with a brush or sea sponge and two drops of tea tree oil.

Next, wash the feet and pat dry.

After, I use my hands to apply the Pudding A Peel mask to my feet and ankles.

Leave on for 30 minutes.  While I wait for it to set, I apply to my face and any leftovers to my hands.

Around 15 minutes I massage into my feet and let sit again.

To prevent dry-out I apply a small bit of plastic wrap.

After 30 minutes I remove from my feet, hands, and face.

Apply the Honey Heel Glaze to your feet using the fan brush included.

Cover with socks and sleep in the mask for soft and supple feet the next morning.

To my hands, I apply the Velvet Sunday hand cream.

To my face, I use a rich moisturizer.

Enjoy this feet skin care treatment! Pop over to Instagram for the full routine!

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