6 Top Selling Skincare and Beauty Tools At Amazon

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Amazon Beauty Tools

Gone are the days of facial brushes and harsh beauty tools. These days it is all about nourishing your skin and not causing inflammation. Ice rollers, jade rollers and ultrasonic face scrubbers are gentler and effective tools to use between facial appointments. Rounding up the 6 Top Selling Skincare and Beauty Tools At Amazon this week!

Solawave – A current fave. This is an all-in-one tool. The Solawave uses heat to increase blood flow. Red LED light stimulates collagen, reduces inflammation, reduces breakouts, and diminishes the look of wrinkles. Microcurrent helps stimulate the muscles and sculpt the face. Apply the appropriate serum to the face and massage in upward movements! I noticed results at the 3-week mark after using nightly. I keep it by my bed and use it while watching tv.

Facial Skin Scrubber – A gentle way to de-clog and extract the skin. The key is to keep the skin wet and then apply gentle pressure while gliding the scrubber. Blackheads just pop right out!

Facial Massager – Reduce puffiness and help sculpt with this easy-to-use facial massager. I recommend this one to all of my clients that grind their jaws or hold a lot of tension in their faces.

Home Face Steamer – Keep skin hydrated and plump! I love this steamer for travel and home. It helps relieve the dried-out mess that airplanes and AC create. I like to steam each night while I watch TV then follow up with hyaluronic acid serum and my regular skincare routine. Skip it on the night that you use retinol.

Ice Roller – Soothe, cool, depuff and sculpt the skin. This tool is great for hot vacation spots, after the plane, after a night out, and post a big crying session. I like to use it every morning to wake up and refresh my skin.

Dry Brush – this tool is great for stimulating blood flow, exfoliating, and helping to stimulate lymph nodes. Here is a little how-to guide to dry brushing and getting started.

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