5 Product to Hydrate Skin Before A Flight

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Pre Flight Facial

I travel a lot and it can be rough on the skin!  Airplane air sucks the moisture right out and it’s worse on long flights.  I like to give myself a super hydrating facial prior to a flight.  Here is my favorite pre-flight routine.

Hey Honey Cleanser and Peel

Start with a nice cream cleanser.  This one from HEY HONEY  ($24 use code Doranhoney10 for 10% off) is perfect.  It is a cream cleanser and scrub in one.  If you have sensitive skin just add a lot of water and it will soften up the scrub.

I follow the cleanse with an exfoliating mask.  I like this peel off mask from Hey Honey.  Again, if you have sensitive skin— add a bit of moisturizer to the skin, let it absorb and then apply the mask.  The key to getting a peel off mask to work is applying it thick enough to set up and not too thick that it takes forever to dry.  A little esthetician trick is to make it a bit thicker on the jawline and edges so it is easier to get off. It is then super easy to peel from the outside in.

Hey Honey Peel off Mask

Hey Honey Peel off Mask Review

Bel Mondo Sheet Mask Discount code lm33

Bel Mundo Brightening Mask Review

Sheet masks are my favorite!  I pop one on almost every night while I am watching the Real Housewives of someone or reading the Economist.  Random I know.

This one  (use code lm33 for 33% off!) from Bel Mondo is for brightening and has Vitamin C in it but they also make one for super hydration that is PERFECT for pre-flight.  I find the Bel Mondo sheet mask superior and totally worth the price because they are created naturally from pure microbial cellulose instead of cotton so it really molds to the skin and gives a nice seal so the serum absorbs into the skin. I use these in my skincare studio on clients’ post Microderm. On long trips, I have been known to break one out mid-flight and totally embarrass my husband!

I like to pair the sheet masks with the NUFACE handheld just make sure there are no acids in the masks that would react to the light.  I only use the NUFACE for about 10 minutes and then let the sheet mask sit for at least another 10 (usually 20 but that is just my personal preference) with my eyes covered.  It is amazing.  Try it. Super relaxing.

I usually massage the extra serum onto my neck and decollete.

Next, up I use the PCA C+E Strength Cream; it gives my skin a boost of anti-oxidant power.  Finally, I use the PCA Collagen Cream and finish with a super thick eye cream (this one is no longer available) and lip balm by Charlotte Tilbury.

For flights lasting longer than 5 hours, I will do another sheet mask midflight and even a refresh spray throughout.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water before and during the flight!

What is your pre-travel ritual?

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