5 Lies About Skin Care

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5 Lies about SkincareFacials make you break out!

The truth– facials may cause a bit of a purge but a skilled esthetician will have the tools to minimize any reaction.  Acids, scrubs, and retinol can cause things to come to the surface.  That is the point of a facial.  Get the bad out so your skin looks it’s best.  Ask your esthetician if she uses hi-frequency to help zap breakouts before they start.  When you get home,  ice your skin to help beat back inflammation and prevent breakouts.

You can’t mix and match different brands!

This is something I hear all the time and usually by people who sell the MLM beauty brands.  It is totally not true.  These days almost all brands have the same “steps” retinol, vitamin c, glycolic acid.  It really is about finding the one that works best with your skin.  I swear by the Jan Marini glycolic acid serum but their Vitamin C is too strong for me and I prefer Sunday Riley.  Totally fine to mix and match.  I wouldn’t mix and match items that have the same ingredient.  No need to use two items that contain retinol!

You don’t need a toner!

Toners do so much more than before.  I like a hydrating toner and clarifying toner.  The clarifying is great between a double cleanser routine and hydrating is great to use before all your serums and to set makeup.  To achieve glowing skin, a hydrating toner is a must.

If it burns it means it is working!

I heard this all through beauty school and it simply isn’t the case.  Some products like glycolic peels, AHAs and Vitamin C may tingle a bit the first few times you use them but nothing should ever burn!

Face oils are not good for oily skin!

This is totally the opposite.  Face oils and oil cleansers actually help regulate sebum (oil) production.  Over-stripping the skin can make the sebum glands work overtime.  Using a face oil and water based moisturizer can help the skin produce just the right amount of sebum.  Just make sure you use a face oil made for oily skin!

What is the craziest skincare myth you heard?



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