5 Best Face Oils and Who Should Use Them

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my 5 Favorite Face Oils and Who Should Use Them | 5 Best Face Oils and Who Should Use Them 2019 ed. by popular California beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Osea essential hydrating oil, Elemis pro-definition facial oil, Acure seriously soothing oil, and Luna sleeping night oil.

One of my most popular posts EVER was about my 5 Favorite Face Oils and Who Should Use Them.

It went up almost two years ago and so much has changed since then. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy skin were ROUGH on my skin and many of my usual products didn’t agree with my skin. The last two years have pushed me out of my skincare bubble and introduced me to some great new products.

5 Best Face Oils

I started using this OSEA Malibu☀️ Essential Hydrating Oil earlier this year and it made such a difference in my skin.  I stopped getting little oil pockets and just had nice, fresh, clean skin!  This is great for those with oil sensitivities.  It didn’t clog my pores at all.  I recommend using it on fresh, clean and slightly damp skin for the best results.

The Elemis Pro Definition Face Oil is AH-MAZING for dryer months.  My skin gets dry when I travel or head to higher altitudes or cold weather.  This face oil prevents me from turning into a raisin. I recommend it for super dry skin and people who travel often or for anti-aging concerns.  I reapply on the plane!

Acure Seriously Soothing is great when my skin is flared up or sensitive.  Blue Tansy is soothing and smells great.  I recommend this one for people with sensitive skin or getting over a sun burn/peel.

Sunday Riley Luna My current favorite.  This oil combines soothing blue tansy with retinol!  So far the acclimation for it has been relatively mild with minimal breakouts and no red flakes.  I recommend this for strong skin that is looking to banish dark spots, acne or wrinkle or all.

Sonya Dakar☀️ Omega Booster one of my go-to’s.  I forgot how great this oil is.  Right now while the air is dry in Monterey I started using it on my entire upper body!  Not great on the wallet that way but my skin looks amazing.  The great thing about this oil is they have a formulation that works for everyone.  Sensitive/dry skin or blemish-prone/oil.  If you break out only so often I recommend the dry/sensitive version.

Which of these 5 best face oils are you interested in trying? Share in a comment below!



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