4 Must-Try Overnight Hair Treatments

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Best Overnight Hair Treatment by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Kerastase Nutrative 8H, Kerastase Initialiste, and Living Proof Night Cap.

I don’t know about you but this shelter-in-place has me trying new things and one of those are overnight hair treatments. Hydrating my hair can be a challenge, but these overnight hair treatments do all the work for me while I sleep. All are super easy to use and effective at preventing dry brittle hair. Here is why I like each one.

The Best Overnight Hair Treatment

StrivectinHair Overnight Anti-Frizz Serum is what started it all for me. ANDDD I just realized it was discontinued so impossible to find. I loved how soft and silky my hair was the morning after using this serum.

Kerastase Nutrative 8H and Kerastase Initialiste This duo works together or individually depending on what I am looking for. The 8H is great for mid-shaft to tips and works very similarly to the StriVectin I mentioned above. A few pumps are all that is needed and apply it to dry hair. The best part of this serum is that it doesn’t mess up a blowdry. I apply it, wrap my hair, and go to sleep. The next morning I wake up with hair I can work with– maybe just a curl touch up or dry shampoo but not a full style redo! This serum leaves all hair types shiny and soft without leaving a greasy residue on your pillow.

The Kerastase Initialiste is one of my favorites. It is a scalp serum that can also go on the hair. I like to use it on towel-dried hair in four lines from the front of my hairline down to my neck. Then I just massage it in and do one final pipette of serum on my ends. A simple wrap and then I air dry while I sleep! Super easy. My scalp always feels better when I use this.

Living Proof Night Cap The easiest mask is also the most budget-friendly. This lightweight, silicone-free treatment helps prevent future dryness with three pumps just before bed. The next morning I just style as usual.

What best overnight hair treatment are you most interested in trying? Let me know in a comment below!