Live Beaming: 3 Days to Brighter Skin

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Live Beaming featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

Live Beaming:

Winter is the toughest season on my skin.  It always looks dry, dull and bumpy every year.  This year I decided to try out something different to help brighten up my skin.  A 3-day lifestyle cleanse paired with a detox skin ritual.

Live Beaming reached out to see if I would like to try their 3 day cleanse.  It sounded great.   When it arrived I realized it would pair perfectly with some vitamins I grabbed from The Organic Pharmacy earlier this month, a detox bath ritual and a facial ritual.  After 3 days I had some really cool results but not what I was expecting at all!

Live Beaming featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

The cleanse arrived on Tuesday and I started it the next morning.  It consisted of a morning Powershot, celery juice, protein smoothie, soup, afternoon snack, detox juice, replenishing juice, evening meal, and a tea.   This cleanse was awesome.  I wasn’t starving the whole time.  Almost every item was delicious.  I am obsessed with the roasted veggie salad from day 2 and the snack bite.  I could eat both every day!  The journey wasn’t terrible either.  No stomach aches or issues.  I paired it with The Organic Pharmacy 10 day cleanse of vitamins and tinctures for a deeper cleanse.

The morning of day 2 I woke up feeling AMAZING!  Since I delivered Olivia I wake up with numb legs and arms.  It is super painful.  And, day 2 that was gone!  I was shocked.  I don’t think it was just the healthy eating but I know the clean food helped.  The day before I took a long walk, a hot detox bath with seaweed and salt and went to bed early along with the juices and salad.  I know now my body needed better fuel and movement to help with the inflammation. Celery juice in the morning is the newest IT TREND for all sorts of reasons.  It is supposed to be really helpful with inflammation which is what I think helped with clearing out some of my breakouts and the numb feelings in my legs.  (**NOT medical advise just my opinion on my own body) To say I am hooked on the cleanse is an understatement.

Live Beaming featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

We don’t have a lot of options for healthy grab and go food in Monterey and with Olivia plus keeping up with two businesses I don’t have a ton of time to make meals. Honestly, I suck and the whole meal planning thing.  I loved that Beaming delivered right to my door.  It was so helpful.  They even arrived in insulated bags for each day so when I had to head to the office on Thursday I just grabbed the bag on my way to work.  It was all easy to eat on the go.  For the soup that day I just drank it cold.  I plan on buying a 10 day cleanse next week.

Overall, my skin feels great. I have a ton of energy and focus which surprised me.  I am still breaking out a little but I know within a week or two of clean eating it will get better.  My body feels better all around.  Day 2 I was a little hungry so I grabbed a handful of raw almonds and felt fine.  For the soups, I would probably prefer a little of the nut toppers that they sell.  Just for texture.  I think next time I will schedule a deep massage halfway through to help really drain the toxins.  But, mainly it was an easy program and I really enjoyed it.

Live Beaming featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

Live Beaming featured by top US life and style blog Haute Beauty Guide

To help brighten my skin I paired the cleaning eating with a detox face ritual.  Here are the products and protocol I used.

Step 1: Cleanse – In the morning I used the Elemis Superfood facial wash.  It came in my advent calendar and was a nice foaming wash that didn’t strip my skin of moisture.

                                     In the evening I use Sonya Dakar Purifying Cleanser.  A great oil cleanser that really deep cleans the skin.

Step 2: Treat (pm only) – I used the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask to help deep clean my pores, remove surface oils and slough off dead skin.  Plus I just love how this mask leaves my skin glowing.

Step 3: Hydrate – The Mario Badescu facial spray is super refreshing and hydrating.

Step 4: Repair – I used the Biossance squalene oil to give myself a little facial massage.

Step 5: Hydrate again with the face spray.

Step 6: Eyes and Lips – I like to do my eyes and lips before the moisturizer step.  This one from The Organic Pharmacy is awesome.  It is thick and lasts all day or night.  PLUS, it can go on the eye and lip area.

Step 7: Moisturize – Morning – Tata Harper Illuminating Hydartor

                                      Evening – Elemis Superfood Night Cream

Step 8: Hydrate one last time with the face spray

Have you ever tried a cleanse?  What were your results?

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Live Beaming sent the cleanse to me complimentary.  I purchased all other items myself.


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