11-Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge!

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11-Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge!
I saw this on another blog an thought it would be perfect.  I am moving to San Diego, for an internship and classes at SDSU, in 11 weeks and this is just the thing to get me in shape for long, up-hill walks around their campus. 
Fit Sugar recently shared this epic list of 11 boot camp style workouts, all aimed at helping you get ready for bikini season.  Starting today, and every Sunday up until Monday 26th (11 Saturdays from now and my first day at SDSU) I’ll be completing a new workout from the list and posting it here.
Of course, just one workout a week won’t yield the kind of results we’re looking for here, so remember to use this as an extra supplement to your normal weekly workout routine, which should also include a clean, healthy diet! In addition I will be hitting my local gym for 2x a week pilates, 2x a week barre pilates and 2x a week TRX classes, along with a few spin classes and yoga.  Join me in a kick ass 11 week re-boot.  Seriously if I can do it anyone can.  Did I mention I will be in a super intense 8 week, 6 hour a day language immersion course at the same time.  Deal? Deal!

OK, now mark your calendars… Here’s the schedule!
11- Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge:
Week 1:  10-minute Boot Camp Workout by Jeanette Jenkins
Week 2 : Bikini Body Strength Training from Tone it Up
Week 3: Circuit Workout by Celeb Trainer Jason Walsh
Week 4: Total-body Toning Circuit by FitFabCities.com
Week 5: Heidi Klum’s Boot Camp Circuit Workout
Week 6: Fit Sugar’s Full-body Circuit Workout
Week 7: Stacy Berman’s Beach Boot Camp
Week 8: Warrior Fitness Boot Camp’s Total-body Strength Circuit
Week 9: 6-minute Boot Camp by Fit Sugar Editor Susi May
Week 10 Circuit Workout by Celeb Trainer Valerie Waters
Week 11 Fit Sugar’s Legs, Abs, and Arms Full-body Circuit Workout


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