10 Day Skin Care Shape Up

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Day 1 

Skin Care Shape Up Plan Day 1

I don’t know about everyone else but my skin is very unhappy with all of the Holiday foods and indulging I have done lately.  I haven’t had this many breakouts in years!  My skin is dry, red and super inflamed and I know the culprit… SUGAR.  Usually, I do not eat sweets very often; I am more of a chips and guac kinda girl.  But, with the holidays and so much traveling it seems someone is constantly offering me a cookie or piece of sweets.  So today I started a 10 Day Skin Care Shape Up.  Now I am not a doctor or scientist so I am not advocating this for everyone but it works for me so I am going to share it.

Food:  All Fruit All Day– I stick to melons, berries, grapes and apples and shy away from bananas.  I grabbed the precut fruit from Whole Foods it just makes life easier.  Yes, all I ate today was fruit… breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I started with a green juice (again from Whole Foods) and then snacked all day with fruit. A juice cleanse is another option for this day and might be easier for some. Obviously, this isn’t appropriate for everyone so if you know that isn’t you don’t do it!  Plus I had lots and lots of water.

Exercise:  Yoga- I did 60 minutes of Hot Bikram at a studio in Carmel.

Skincare:  I did a light glycolic acid peel from Jan Marini.  The exact one I did is only available to Doctors and Estheticians but here is an effective alternative.

  • Cleanse with Jan Marini Bioglycolic Wash (use code 093623 for 5% off your first order)  I like to apply it with dry hands to dry face, work it in for a bit and then let it sit before removing with a wet cloth.
  • ScrubTatcha Rice Powder Scrub— This stuff is pretty gentle so it pairs well with the following steps.
  • Mask— I did a 40% Glycolic Acid peel.  You can get these done at any Esthetic Studio and I recommend it if you are looking for a real jumpstart.  But, if you don’t have time or access try these easy to use peel pads by Peter Thomas Roth or Bliss.
  • Treat— I like to follow with a Vitamin C.
  • Hydrate— Finish with a nice moisturizer that you know doesn’t break you out.  For me, that is always Jan Marini  Age Intervention Face Cream.  It really helps balance everything and feels nice on the skin.

*Don’t forget to use SPF tomorrow

Day 2 is Vegetable day… see you tomorrow.


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